Seattle Monorail

Adorable crafts from MarninSaylor!

November 14, 2014

DSC_4683Of all the fun and creative crafts found at Pike Place Market, few rival MarninSaylor’s “World Famous” Donut Cat. A product of the rich imaginations of Skye Saylor and Thomas Marnin, the original Donut Cat started as a drawing on a page. They brought it into its three dimensional form not for the prospect of selling it, but for the sheer joy of creating it. After posting photos of the creation online, they found that many people expressed a desire to own one themselves. And thus a new product was born!

Following to the overwhelming success of the original Donut Cat, MarinSaylor expanded their line to include other animals in their line of Pastry Pets. Most recently, the Eclair Bear and Maple Bear have been added to the mix. They even make a catnip-stuffed Minty Donut Cat to give to your feline friends!

All MarninSaylor products are handmade in Seattle. They are available on their website, at Schmancy Toys and on Sundays at their day stall at Pike Place Market.

Visitor tip: The Monorail offers quick and easy transportation to Westlake Center, just a few blocks from Pike Place Market!