Group Tickets

Seattle Center Monorail is happy to provide prepaid group tickets that can be purchased in bulk prior to arrival at the Monorail.

To qualify for a discounted group rate, a group must purchase a minimum of 200 one way trips (equivalent to 100 round trips). Additionally, a group must coordinate with Seattle Monorail Services via the form below in order to pay for and receive the group tickets. 

After we receive your form, we will contact you within 3 business days (M-F) to review your group registration information and pricing.

One-Way Group Tickets

  • Regular Price $3.50

    Up to 199 Tickets

  • Discount 1 $3.25

    200-799 Tickets

  • Discount 2 $2.75

    800+ Tickets


  • Regular Price $7.00

    Up to 99 Tickets

  • Discount 1 $6.50

    100-399 Tickets

  • Discount 2 $5.50

    400+ Tickets

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