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Murals on the Monorail Columns for MLB All-Star Week (July 7-11, 2023)

Murals on the Monorail Columns for All-Star Week

Julio Rodriguez mural on monorail column with Monorail and the Space Needle. The Mariner moose is inside the monorail waving to the camera

All Photo Credits: Visit Seattle/Rachael Jones Media

In celebration of MLB All-Star Week in Seattle July 7-11, 2023, the Seattle Center Monorail presents the first-ever art installation on monorail guideway columns! In collaboration with Visit Seattle, Seattle Monorail Services, Seattle Center, and Climate Pledge Arena, local muralist Brady Black created sixteen murals depicting eight baseball players and eight Seattle sports fans to adorn the monorail columns. Highlighting both players and fans alike, Black wanted to signify the connection between baseball and the community. When designing the murals, Black utilized a paint-by-number system allowing both youth artists from Urban ArtWorks as well Seattle residents to participate in the mural creation.

“I am thrilled to announce an extraordinary public art program that celebrates the talents of our local artists and pays tribute to the stars of baseball,” says Marshall Foster, Interim Director of Seattle Center. “This groundbreaking initiative merges the worlds of sports and art, captivating our community and visitors alike. The Seattle Center Monorail, an iconic symbol of our city, will transform the support columns along 5th Ave into a moving gallery, adorned with stunning renderings created by our talented local artists. We invite everyone to join us in experiencing this unique installation downtown as we celebrate and welcome MLB All-Star Week to Seattle and embrace the dynamic fusion of athletics and art!”

Reflecting on the Seattle Center Monorail’s importance as a community connector – especially during major citywide events – Seattle Monorail Services President Megan Ching says, “Seattle Center Monorail was built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair to provide a fast, direct connection between downtown and the Fairgrounds. Sixty years later, the system continues to serve as an important transportation link to Seattle Center and its surrounding neighborhoods. We look forward to welcoming baseball fans to our city! We are excited to play our part in supporting local artists, promoting major civic events, and helping to re-energize downtown Seattle with new and interesting art displayed on this historic system.”

Oakland A's player and Seattle sports fan murals on monorail columns

Seattle Sports fan mural with monorail running overhead

Toronto Blue Jays player mural along 5th Ave

Seattle Sports fan mural with monorail train running overhead

Yankees player mural with monorail running overhead

Seattle sports fan mural on monorail column

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