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Space Needle Renovation

The Space Needle Renovation has begun!

The Space Needle is open 365 days a year, but the Observation Deck will be partially closed due to renovations. Open Monday – Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM, and Sunday 9 AM – 8 PM. Click here to buy tickets for the Space Needle! Continue reading for more information on the Space Needle Renovation.

What’s going on?

The Space Needle renovation is apart of the Century Project, a privately funded project focused on both preservation and renovation. The $100 million renovation will update the Needle’s physical systems, as well as dramatically enhancing the view of the city. The interior and exterior of the Observation Deck will have floor-to-ceiling glass, to focus on the 360° views of the Puget Sound area. The restaurant level will be the first-of-its-kind with a rotating glass floor, unveiling unique views of the structure that have never been seen before.

Space Needle Renovation and construction crane
Space Needle Construction

Here are some of the key features of the renovation from the Century Project press release:

  • New glass structural barriers will replace the wire safety “caging” on the outer open-air Observation Deck.
  • The new exterior glass barriers will match the flow of the building, dipping outward at a small angle, offering a seamless sight line.
  • Sleek glass benches will be apart of alternating glass barriers on the outer open-air Observation Deck.
  • In the interior, floor-to-ceiling glass will take the place of the low-level walls, creating amazing views immediately off the elevator. An open circular stairway will wind down from the Observation Deck to the restaurant level. At the base of the new stairway will be a glass-floored oculus revealing views of the Space Needle’s steel superstructure, as well as the elevators and counterweights.
  • The restaurant level will also feature floor-to-ceiling glass and will upgrade its original rotating floor to one of glass, creating an awe-inspiring new view — a look down to the Space Needle’s structure itself, the mechanics of the rotating floor, and the sprawling Seattle Center campus below.
  • On the Observation Deck, accessibility will greatly improve with a custom-designed, state-of-the- art ADA Lift, the addition of double-sized doors, as well as wider stairways.

Facts about the Century Project:

  • With help from the Seattle’s Landmarks Preservation Board, local architecture historians, original designers, preservationists and the community, the project team aims to be consistent with the original design intent and respect the character-defining features of the Space Needle. The team spent years working on the renovation plan to reinvigorate the original designers’ bold aspirations into a new experience.
  • The project team expects the construction to wrap by June 2018.
  • The Century Project is innovative in its usage of glass, using virtually every variety available today. In total, the renovation will install 10 different types of glass, utilizing more than 176 tons.
  • The glass supplies will come from companies in Switzerland, Germany, and California. Outside of that, costs and partners are primarily Seattle or Pacific Northwest-based.
  • They anticipate that less than 30% of the Observation Deck will be unavailable at a time, leaving more than 70% open to the public. Work will take place in sections, focusing on 1/6 of the building at a time. Access to that portion of the space will be closed. Work will continue around the building counterclockwise.

Facts from the Space Needle website. Learn more about the Space Needle Renovation here.

The Monorail provides quick and easy transportation from Downtown Seattle to Seattle Center. The Space Needle is located just across from our Seattle Center Station.

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