Seattle Monorail

Three Ways to Pay Your Fare

At the Monorail – Tickets are for sale from Monorail cashiers at both stations

located at both the Seattle Center & Westlake Mall locations.  We accept cash and credit cards.

Use Your ORCA Card

Seattle Center Monorail now accepts ORCA as a fare payment option. To learn more about ORCA, please see below.

On Your Phone – Use the Transit Go Ticket mobile app

Transit Go Ticket lets you quickly buy tickets on your smart phone, and get you where you need to be without having to pay cash.


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Looking to purchase a Monthly Pass or Group Tickets?

How To Buy & Use Tickets with an ORCA card

ORCA Fares Chart

How To Buy ORCA card

  1. Get a card online, by mail or in person. Find more info HERE
  2. Load value on ORCA to work like cash.
  3. Use your ORCA card to access transit all over King County

How To Use ORCA card

  1. Present your ORCA card to pay your fare
  2. Cashier will tap your card with a handheld device and return it to you
  3. Board Monorail! Be sure to present to cashier again for return trips.
  4. Full ticket fare is required. Passengers are responsible for paying for fare differences that arise from difference in PugetPass value, transfer value from a different ORCA agency with a lower fare, or insufficient balance; payment of the remaining balance can be paid with ORCA E-purse or cash. Please note, ORCA transfers will be accepted. Paper transfers will not be accepted.
ORCA Fares Chart

You can use your ORCA card on these regional transit systems:

Commuter Train
Light Rail
Water Taxi

How To Buy & Use Tickets on Your Mobile Phone

How To Buy Tickets

  1. Download the Transit Go Ticket app
  2. Set up your account as directed
  3. Buy as many tickets as you’d like for future use. Tickets expire one week after purchase.

How To Use Tickets

  1. Open the Transit Go Ticket app
  2. Activate the ticket when ready to use
  3. Show your screen to the cashier before boarding

Transit Go Tickets also allows you to buy tickets for:

Commuter Train
Light Rail
Water Taxi


  • Do you accept Debit/Credit Cards, or ORCA Cards?

    In addition to cash, Seattle Center Monorail accepts debit/credit cards, ORCA card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. There’s a $1.50 minimum purchase amount to pay by credit card. We accept ORCA transfers, but we will not accept paper transfers. You do not need exact change if you pay with cash.

  • Where can I use ORCA?

    Use ORCA to pay for trips on: King County Metro buses, Seattle Center Monorail, King County Water Taxi, Community Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, and Washington State Ferries.

  • What transit agencies can I access using a Transit GO Ticket?

    King County Water Taxi, Metro Transit buses and Metro Community Vans, Seattle Center Monorail, Seattle Streetcar, Sounder, and Sound Transit Link accept the Transit GO Ticket.

    Not included in Transit GO Ticket: ACCESS services, King County VanPool, Sound Transit Express buses, and VanShare.


  • How is the Transit GO Ticket different than an ORCA card?

    Transit GO Ticket focuses on helping infrequent transit users reduce the usage of cash on buses by providing a simple easy mobile alternative. Current ORCA cards aren’t mobile based.

  • Are the prices for Transit GO Tickets the same as with paying with cash?

    The tickets have exactly the same price like paying with cash.

  • Do I need Wi-Fi or cellular data to buy or activate a Transit GO Ticket?

    Internet access is required to complete a purchase, but not to activate the ticket, if one decides to save the tickets on the phone. A rider can select to save their tickets to their phone or to the cloud under the ticket storage menu. Tickets stored on the cloud require Wi-Fi or cellular data to access and activate. Please plan your trip with enough time to complete your transaction prior to boarding.

  • Can I transfer with a Transit GO Ticket like I do with e-purse on an ORCA card?

    No. Mobile tickets behave exactly like paper tickets, and allow transferring between Metro buses only. To take advantage of other electronic transfers on Metro buses and other features, you can use ORCA.

  • Do you accept transfers from other transit systems?

    Seattle Center Monorail will accepts ORCA transfers, but the Monorail will not accept paper transfers. ORCA transfers are made electronically. If you use an ORCA card that is loaded with a bus pass or E-purse, you will get a two-hour transfer credit for the fare paid. Please note, credit does not apply for transfers to or from Washington State Ferries.

    Passengers are responsible for paying for fare differences that arise from difference in PugetPass value or insufficient E-purse balance; payment of the remaining balance can be paid with ORCA E-purse or cash.

  • In addition to credit and debit cards, are there any other payment forms accepted for purchasing Transit GO Tickets?

    Currently only credit and debit cards are accepted as means of payment for Transit GO Ticket. Transit vouchers, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal are not accepted at this time.

  • Will Monorail and other agencies that are using Transit GO Tickets still accept cash to ride?

    Yes, cash will continue to be accepted by Monorail cashiers at both stations, on Metro buses, and via ticket vending machines for other transit services.

  • How much time might riders save using ORCA card or Transit GO Ticket?

    ORCA cardholders and Transit Go Ticket users cannot bypass the line. ORCA cardholders must present their ORCA card to the cashier as fare payment before entering the loading zone. If there is a line at the ticket booth, you must wait in the line. Transit Go Ticket app users must present their activated ticket on their mobile device to the cashier before entering the loading zone. In some instances, a line manager may be present on the platform and will let you know if you can present your ORCA card or show your mobile phone to them to bypass the line.

  • Will Transit GO Tickets save money and how?

    The application will give riders a new, convenient way to pay to ride transit. Showing a Transit GO Ticket also can speed up boarding, and also speeds up the trip for everyone, potentially saving operating costs for transit agencies.

  • What other agencies or cities are using mobile ticketing, and which cities are using this same vendor?

    There are over 20 agencies in the country using mobile ticketing, including Austin, Texas, New York Waterway, Atlanta and Toronto. The vendor selected for this implementation has already implemented mobile ticketing with seven other agencies.

  • Can the cashier or driver help me if the Transit GO Ticket app isn’t working?

    A Monorail cashier or Metro driver might only be able to spend a quick moment answering a question, but cannot help navigate the app at the risk of delaying transit service. For Transit GO Ticket customer support, please fill out a support ticket.

  • Who can I contact if I have any problems with ORCA?

    Metro’s Customer Service group can assist with most ORCA questions regarding functionality, navigation, ticket validation and payment issues. Please call 206-553-3000.

  • Who can I contact if I have any problems with Transit GO Ticket?

    If you have a problem with purchasing or redeeming tickets through the Transit Go Ticket app for the Seattle Monorail, please fill out a customer support form HERE.