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Travel back in time with Terracotta Warriors!

June 21, 2017

Travel back to the Qin Dynasty of China – visit the Terracotta Warriors Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center!

The first timed entrance to the exhibit is open at 10:15am – 6:00pm (exhibit closes at 7:30pm).

Terracotta Warriors 1

This exhibit shows how a few pieces of pottery, dating back 2,200 years, led to the discovery of the untouched tomb of the First Emperor of China.

Terracotta Warriors 2 Terracotta Warriors 3

Throughout the exhibit, we learned about the first emperor and how he united his vast kingdom. As we continued, we learned about the cultural significance and process of building the terracotta warriors.

Terracotta Warriors 5

The discovery revealed that Qin dynasty culture and technology was much more extravagant and detailed compared to other dynasties. Bronze chariots, exotic animals, weapons, and many other artifacts have been found. The entire burial ground took over 700,000 laborers to create and was meant to serve and protect the emperor in the afterlife.

Terracotta Warriors 6

Each life-sized warrior is unique; the warriors have different facial features as well as varying hairstyles, clothing and arm positioning.
Terracotta Warriors 7

The exhibition is interactive – we really enjoyed hands-on activities such as reassembling a warrior or a piece of armor. The screen pictured below shows how the paint on the exterior of the terracotta warriors has changed over time.

Terracotta Warriors 8

We highly recommend visiting this exhibit – it’s on display now through September 4, 2017. Ride the Seattle Center Monorail which provides fast, direct transportation between Westlake Station and Pacific Science Center.

Terracotta Warriors 4