Seattle Monorail

Soar into the Museum of Flight!

June 5, 2014

Great GalleryExplore the wonders of aviation, both past and present, at the Museum of Flight. Located just south of Seattle, the Museum of Flight features more than 150 historically significant aircraft scattered across the 12-acre campus. Get an up close view of more than 30 aircraft in the Great Gallery, including a SR-71 Blackbird! Take a tour of the West Coast’s one and only Concorde! Walk through the Red Barn, the original Boeing factory! Explore the museum’s new, one-of-a-kind space shuttle trainer! Just be sure to block out some time, you’ll be wanting plenty of time to explore!

Looking for a camp for the kids this summer? Why not check out The Museum of Flight’s Aerospace Camp Experience? If launching rockets, experiencing microgravity, building robots and piloting aircraft sound like fun, why not give ACE a try? Slots are filling fast, so act soon!

Visitor tip: Check out the 13-seat 4D-X ride! It features 3D graphics and plenty of motion to put you right in the action!

Shuttle Trainer