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Math Moves! A New Exhibit at Pacific Science Center

February 5, 2016

These exhibits are on display at Pacific Science Center.

Aside from the usual enjoyments to be found at the Science Center, the new exhibit Math Moves! is open through May 1st. In this interactive exhibit, you can balance complicated mobiles, learn about gear ratios while creating art, and graph your body movement with a partner! Math is easier than ever with this intuitive exhibit designed to teach ratios, balance, proportion, and other important math concepts.

Pacific Science Center

Exploring the rest of the center, you can see both indoor and outdoor dinosaurs and real dinosaur bones, creepy critters like cockroaches, big snakes, iguanas, and other reptiles, and walk among the colorful butterflies in the butterfly house. Among the animals is a naked mole rat exhibit, which is cuter than one would expect. These guys have a social structure kind of like insects—they operate as a colony, just like ants or bees, living in chambers each designated for a certain function. Watching the little pasty rodents crawl through the tubes between chambers is surprisingly adorable.

Next you can continue to learn about space and the ocean. Compare your weight on different planets, touch a real meteorite, or see a show at the planetarium. You can also investigate the tidal motions of the Puget Sound with a working scale model, or find the touch tank to visit the anemones and urchins you might see tide pooling!

Continue on to learn about modern cancer research, the science of getting sick, and my personal favorite, the Bubble Wall. Trying to get the soapy water to stretch, only to have it ultimately pop is always a fun activity.

After all this good stuff, you can see a movie at IMAX or visit a musical show at the Laser Dome. You can also visit Brewology, a beer-tasting event, on February 12th from 7-10pm. The Science Center is open weekdays from 10am-5pm and weekends from 10am-6pm.