Seattle Monorail

Flat Stanley’s Seattle Monorail Adventure!

October 4, 2010


Flat Stanley is visiting Seattle from Alexander, Virgina! For those of you who have not heard about Flat Stanley, he is a character from the popular children’s book originally published in 1964.

The Flat Stanley Project began in 1995 by Dave Hubert, a third grade school teacher in Ontario, Canada.  After reading the book, ‘Flat Stanley’, students have the opportunity to take a paper cut-out of Stanley and mail him to someone who lives far away.  Once you receive Flat Stanley, you can keep a journal of all the different places Stanley visits and activities he participates in.

The goal of the project is to increase literacy, letter-writing skills, and to build a stronger sense of community.  We made a video journal of Stanley’s visit to the Seattle Center Monorail – enjoy!