Seattle Monorail

2014 Seahawks Parade!

February 6, 2014

Wow! What an incredible football season this year! We are so proud of the Seattle Seahawks!  They played their hearts out at the Super Bowl and brought the Lombardi trophy to our city!  We had the opportunity to watch the parade from Blue Train – we parked the train on the beam above the crowds on 5th Avenue and Broad Street.  What an incredible sight! Over 700,000 fans came to Seattle to witness the #Celebrate48 Parade!

We saw Marshawn Lynch throw skittles to fans. We had the defensive line wave at Blue Train. We saw Richard Sherman lift the Lombardi trophy high above his head.  What an amazing day!  We are so proud of the Seahawks!  Can’t wait until next season!  12thMan for life!

If you weren’t able to come for the parade, we uploaded a two minute video that has some footage of the parade passing by : Click here to watch the video.