12/23/22 Seattle Center Monorail is suspending service indefinitely due to icy conditions. We will provide an update once we can begin service.
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Lost and Found Otter

Monorail Otter
Monorail Bunny and Otter

Do you recognize this Otter? He was left behind on the Monorail yesterday and we are trying to locate his owner. Monorail Bunny is keeping him company while they wait for Otter’s owner to come and find him.

In 2012, Monorail Bunny was accidentally left behind on the Monorail.  After spending months looking for his owner, we adopted Bunny and now he travels on adventures all over Seattle.  We’re still hopeful that we’ll find Otter’s owner.

Please help us spread the word and let us know if you have any leads. In the meantime, Monorail Bunny decided to give Otter a tour of Seattle Center while they wait. Here’s some photos from their time exploring Seattle Center:

You Otter Know We Love Seattle
You Otter Know… We love Seattle! International Fountain
Monorail Bunny Otter Pacific Science Center
Monorail Bunny and Otter look at the arches at Pacific Science Center!
Monorail Bunny and Otter Sonic Bloom
Monorail Bunny and Otter visit the Sonic Bloom exhibit at Seattle Center!
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