Monday, December 5, 2022: Seattle Center Monorail is currently out of service due to an electrical issue.
We will provide an update as soon as possible.

Monorail Man (AKA Trainus Prime)

monorailman2-1We are thrilled to welcome Monorail Man (AKA Trainus Prime) to our Seattle Center Monorail Station! Monorail Man is over seven feet tall and  was created by the Seattle Monorail Services Maintenance Team from discarded parts from the Monorail trains and supporting systems.

Monorail Man was completed just in time for Earth Day! He is made from used parts that are no longer suitable for our current system configuration. In all, Monorail Man was built with about $15.00 in scrap metal, but we think the artistic value of Monorail Man is incalculable!  We hope you’ll stop by the Monorail platform at Seattle Center to take a photo with Monorail Man.

Monorail Man Poster Components

Monorail Man and maintenance team

Monorail Man Close-Up


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