Reasonable Accommodation & Notice of Nondiscrimination

Title VI: Civil Rights Act of 1964

The City of Seattle ensures that no person shall be discriminated against in City programs and services based on their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, and other protected classes, in accordance with local and federal laws. If you experience discrimination and would like to file a complaint, contact the Seattle Office for Civil Rights.

La Ciudad de Seattle no discrimina por motivos de raza, color, nacionalidad u otras características protegidas por la ley. Para obtener más información o para presentar una demanda, comuníquese con la Seattle Office for Civil Rights (Oficina de Seattle para Derechos Civiles).

西雅圖市禁止基於種族、膚色、國籍或其他受保護特徵而歧視任何人。想瞭解更多資訊,或針對歧視事件提出投訴, 請聯絡 Seattle Office for Civil Rights(西雅圖民權辦公室)。

Thành Phố Seattle không phân biệt đối xử dựa trên chủng tộc, màu da, nguồn gốc quốc gia và các đặc điểm được bảo vệ khác. Hãy liên hệ với Seattle Office for Civil Rights (Văn Phòng Quyền Công Dân Seattle) để tìm hiểu thêm hoặc để nộp đơn khiếu nại về phân biệt đối xử.

የሲያትል ከተማ በዘር፣ በቀለም፣ በብሔራዊ ማንነት፣ ወይም በሌሎች የሚጠበቁ ባህሪያት ምክንያት መድልዎ አያደርግም። የበለጠ ለማወቅ፣ ወይም ቅሬታ ለማቅረብ፣ Seattle Office for Civil Rights (የሲያትል ቢሮ ለዜጎች መብት) ያነጋግሩ።

Magaalada Seattle cidna uma takoorto sabab la xariirta isir, midab, wadanka uu u dhashay, ama sifooyin kale oo sharcigu difaacaayo. Si aad u hesho xog dheeraad ah, ama aad u gudbiso cabasho ka dhan takoorka, la xariir Seattle Office for Civil Rights (Xafiiska Xaquuqaha Madaniga ah ee Seattle).

Complaint Process

All complaints will be handled in accordance with the City of Seattle’s Title VI and Discrimination Complaint Process found at

The Complaint Form can be found at

Contact the Seattle Office for Civil Rights

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 206-684-4500 or TTY: 7-1-1

Interpretation services are available.


People with disabilities are entitled to equal opportunity to access City of Seattle services. To request ADA accommodations for a City service or to file a disability-based discrimination complaint, please contact the Citywide ADA Coordinator at [email protected] or at  206-684-2489.

Las personas con discapacidad tienen derecho a la igualdad de oportunidades para acceder a los servicios de la Ciudad de Seattle. Para solicitar alguna acomodación o para presentar una demanda por discriminación por motivos de discapacidad, comuníquese con un coordinador de la Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, Ley para Estadounidenses con Discapacidades).

殘疾人士擁有平等機會來獲取西雅圖市的服務。要申請便利服務或針對殘疾歧視提起投訴,請聯絡 Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA,美國身心障礙者法案)協調員。

Người khuyết tật có quyền tiếp cận bình đẳng các dịch vụ của Thành Phố Seattle. Hãy liên hệ với Điều Phối Viên ADA (American Disabilities Act, Đạo luật về người Mỹ khuyết tật) để yêu cầu điều chỉnh hoặc nộp đơn khiếu nại về phân biệt đối xử dựa trên tình trạng khuyết tật.

የአካል ጉዳት ያለባቸው ሰዎች የሲያትል ከተማ አገልግሎቶችን ለመጠቀም እኩል እድል አላቸው። መስተንግዶ ለመጠየቅ ወይም በአካል ጉዳት ምክንያት ለተፈጠረ መድልዎ ቅሬታ ለማቅረብ፥ የ Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA፣ የአሜሪካውያን አካል ጉዳተኞች አዋጅ) አስተባባሪውን ያነጋግሩ።

Dadka naafada ah waxay xaq u leeyihiin fursada loo siman yahay ee helitaanka adeegyada Magaalada Seattle. Si aad u codsato kaalmo ama aad u codsato cabashada takoorka ku salaysan naafanimada, la xariir Iskuduwaha Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, Xeerka Naafada Maraykanka) .

More Information

What Title II covers at

How to file a Title II Grievance at

Contact the Citywide ADA Coordinator

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 206-684-2489 or TTY: 7-1-1
Interpretation services are available.

The Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal law since 1988, protects the interests of the disabled community, including those with physical, mental and temporary disabilities (i.e. broken leg with crutches). Disabilities can also be defined as impaired physical & mental symptoms as a result of alcohol or drug dependency.    The Seattle Monorail is ADA compliant in regards to federal regulations, based on our discount fare category for disabled & Medicare card holders.  ID cards are issued by King County Metro locally and by Social Security Administration/Medicare at the Federal level.

Further, the Seattle Center boarding platform has an ADA compliant boarding gate (yellow paint, at far east end of platform) for ease of boarding for patrons using a mobility assistance device.   Additionally, riders with large strollers should be directed to this gate for ease of boarding.   Onboard the trains, two official wheelchair positions are provided (seats have been removed), however, there is room for many more on each train departure.   ADA compliant signs with the international accessibility symbol mark the wheelchair-user reserved positions on both trains.


SMS accepts all service animals as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Service animals are not limited to dogs, and may also include cats, birds, snakes, or any animal the disabled person determines is of assistance in providing comfort and/or guidance.