Seattle Monorail

Transit GO Ticket is a mobile app that allows you to purchase tickets for Monorail, light rail, streetcar, bus and water taxi in Seattle. © Megan Ching – Seattle Monorail Services

Sit in the front seat of the Monorail – the unique train design allows passengers to sit right next to the driver at the front of the train. © Megan Ching – Seattle Monorail Services

The Monorail travels along a one-mile route on 5th Avenue between Westlake Center and Seattle Center. © Megan Ching – Seattle Monorail Services

Transit Go

Transit GO Ticket is a mobile app that lets you conveniently buy tickets for Seattle Monorail on your phone. You can also purchase tickets for metro bus, light rail, and water taxi. Use this app to get to where you need to go without having to pay with cash. Here’s a video about how to use Transit GO Ticket.


Customer Support:

If you have a problem with purchasing or redeeming tickets through the Transit Go Ticket app for the Seattle Monorail, please use the form below to describe your problem, we will respond as soon as possible.

Contact Support

  • Please describe the issue you are experiencing related to the TransitGo Mobile App and your Seattle Monorail ticket or pass.

If you need to speak with someone about your issue, you can call: 206-905-2602 and leave a voice message. A representative will call you back within two business days (M-F). The online form above is the best way to reach out regarding questions or concerns.

Download Transit GO Ticket App:

You can download the Transit Go Ticket app for iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile devices and buy tickets using your credit or debit card. Search for “Transit Go Ticket” in you phone’s app store, or use a link below to go directly to the app for download.


You can buy as many tickets as you’d like. Tickets expire one week after purchase. Tickets are the same price as if you were paying with cash.

Internet access is required to complete a purchase, but not to activate the ticket. If you purchase multiple tickets on your phone, you can save them on your phone or two the cloud under the ticket storage menu. Tickets stored on your phone do not require internet access to activate. Tickets stored on the cloud require Wi-Fi or cellular data to access and activate. Please be sure to plan ahead and purchase your ticket prior to boarding. Ticket activation instructions are below under “Redemption”.



When you’re ready to board the Monorail, simply activate the ticket and show the ticket on your mobile device screen to the Monorail cashier. Do not activate your ticket until you are about to show it to the cashier, as the ticket expires within 10 minutes of being activated.

On the bus, you’ll show your mobile device screen to the driver. On the streetcar, light rail and Sounder, you’ll show it to a fare enforcement officer.  On the Water Taxi, you’ll show it to the fare officer before boarding.

Regarding transfers: Seattle Monorail does not accept transfers using tickets from other transit systems. Mobile tickets behave exactly like paper tickets and allow transferring between Metro buses only.