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You can adopt your own Monorail Bunny and take your Bunny on adventures around your home. Download the PDF, print, cut out, and decorate your Bunny! Link below to download PDF!

Print out your own Monorail Bunny Here! Take photos, share your #MonorailBunnyAtHome, and tag us at @SeattleMonorail! We can’t wait to follow along!

Monorail Bunny and Ollie Otter were accidentally left on the Monorail. We’ve adopted them and they’ve traveled on adventures all over Seattle. They’re currently staying at home to help prevent the spread of germs.

Wahoo! Photo from last summer when Monorail Bunny’s bestie, the Astronaut from the Museum of Flight came to visit! You can check out virtual tours of the Museum of Flight here!

Monorail Bunny’s Adventures

Monorail Bunny's Story

One summer day almost a decade ago, the Seattle Center Monorail conductor saw a little stuffed animal bunny sitting on an empty train seat. While the bunny waited in lost and found, we took him on adventures all over Seattle Center and shared photos of “Monorail Bunny” on social media in hopes that someone would recognize the lost toy. When no one claimed the bunny, we happily adopted him!

Since then, Monorail Bunny has explored all over Seattle and the Pacific Northwest!

A few years later, a passenger left behind a little otter on the Monorail – we were unsuccessful in finding Otter’s owner. Since then, Otter began traveling with Monorail Bunny on trips around Seattle. Soon after, Puff the Penguin joined the group! Now, they’re family – best friends and traveling companions. They love exploring Seattle, but are taking some time off at home to help prevent the spread of germs.

Monorail Bunny at Home

Print, color, and cut out your very own Monorail Bunny

How will you stay positive, active, and entertained during your Staycation with Monorail Bunny?

Share your creative photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Please tag @seattlemonorail and use the hashtag #MonorailBunnyAtHome. We can’t wait to see your photos and will share some of our favorites over the next few weeks! All coloring pages designed by Karisma Design

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Monorail Bunny at Home Coloring Page

Monorail Bunny Coloring Pages

Monorail Bunny and pals wanted to share their favorite adventures with you!

Check out what Monorail Bunny is up to!

Monorail Bunny Videos

Monorail Bunny at Home Episode 1
April 10, 2020
Seattle Center Monorail

Monorail Bunny’s at Home Album

Photos submitted by fans and Seattle Monorail Services (SMS) employees!

Wendy M. | Seattle Monorail

Wendy M.

Bunny and all his friends!

Maya SMS | Seattle Monorail

Maya SMS

Monorail Bunny enjoying cookie dough from Sugar + Spoon

Jason SMS | Seattle Monorail

Jason SMS

Bunny enjoying some video games!

Heather SMS | Seattle Monorail

Heather SMS

Bunny and Ollie Otter exercising

Maya SMS | Seattle Monorail

Maya SMS

Bunnies enjoying their favorite takeout!

Edward L | Seattle Monorail

Edward L

Bunny listening to music

Justin | Seattle Monorail


Bunny ready for Battle

Alexa O. | Seattle Monorail

Alexa O.

Bunny ready for an adventure

Lynn Y. | Seattle Monorail

Lynn Y.

Bunny loves the Seahawks

Lacey | Seattle Monorail


Enjoying some fresh air

Judith | Seattle Monorail


Bunny enjoying a walk

Alexa O. | Seattle Monorail

Alexa O.

Bunnies enjoying the flowers

Owen and Olivia | Seattle Monorail

Owen and Olivia

Three decorated bunnies

Amber SMS | Seattle Monorail

Amber SMS

Enjoying a book in bed

Timour SMS | Seattle Monorail

Timour SMS

Playing guitar together

Jason SMS | Seattle Monorail

Jason SMS

Simpsons Monorail episode

Maya SMS | Seattle Monorail

Maya SMS

Bunny decorating eggs