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Monorail Bunny Visits a Pumpkin Patch!


Monorail Bunny had the chance to visit Jubilee Biodynamic Farm in Carnation, Washington to pick out some pumpkins from their pumpkin patch! Bunny had a wonderful time exploring the pumpkin patch and learning all about squash and gourds! Bunny will be carving pumpkins this weekend – we’ll post photos of his next adventure on our Facebook page next week!

In 2012, Bunny was accidentally left behind on the Seattle Center Monorail.  One of our cashiers discovered the Bunny and brought him to our administrative offices.  We spent months trying to locate the Bunny’s owner via social media, but were unsuccessful.  The Monorail adopted the Bunny and Monorail Bunny now travels on adventures all over Seattle.  Bunny has swung from a chandelier at Teatro ZinZanni.  He saw the King Tut exhibit at Pacific Science Center.  He got to drive an amphibious vehicle at Ride the Ducks.  He met a python at Woodland Park Zoo.  He learned lots at the Seattle Aquarium.  He learned how to make a pie at Pie inside the Armory.  He’s explored Pike Place Market.  He met the Astronaut at Museum of Flight and much more!

Here are some photos from Monorail Bunny’s pumpkin patch visit.  To see the full album, please click HERE.  If you’re interested in seeing photos from previous adventures, you can visit our Facebook Page and click on ‘Photos’ and view our ‘Albums’ where all of the adventure photos are located.

Monorail Bunny at Jubilee FarmMonorail Bunny GourdMonorail Bunny Pumpkins


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