Seattle Monorail

Part-Time Monorail Cashier and Driver

Seattle Monorail is hiring! This position includes cashiering shifts and becoming certified to drive the historic Seattle Center Monorail! For this position, you would go through our driver certification program to learn how to safely operate the trains. We will also provide training on our point of sale system so you can cashier at the Monorail. This position is part-time, 2-3 shifts per week.

The Monorail is open daily between 7am-11pm and shifts are typically 8-hour shifts.  Scheduled shifts for this position would include weekend work. We offer tuition assistance, paid time off, and a fun work environment.


  • Operate the Monorail in a safe and professional manner while meeting on-time performance requirements.
  • Starting up and closing down train operations.
  • Reporting mechanical and electrical deficiencies.
  • Communicating operational status of the system with maintenance and operations staff.
  • Cleaning or coordinating with janitorial to maintain a sanitary, tidy train, and station.
  • Restricting or assisting in the removal of intoxicated or unruly passengers from the Monorail.
  • Assisting Operations Supervisor and Seattle Monorail Services during an emergency.
  • Communicating with Operations, police, and security personnel for the purpose of maintaining safety and security.
  • Responding to and controlling emergency situations.
  • Perform any other duties that are required by the Operations Supervisor or Manager.


  • Collecting and turning in lost and found items.
  • Give direction and suggestions to customers appropriately.
  • Knowing and implementing Seattle Monorail Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and emergency procedures.
  • Administer First Aid or CPR if needed.


  • Handling money and ticket transactions efficiently, securely, and accurately.
  • Administering preventative measures to ensure the safety, well-being, and preservation of Seattle Monorail Services riders, employees, and property.
  • Assisting and directing customers in a positive manner.
  • Assisting Monorail operators in accordance with general rules and procedures.
  • Tagging and turning in Lost and Found items.
  • Collecting, rendering, and accounting for funds.
  • Performing daily paperwork.
  • Knowing and understanding emergency procedures.
  • Assisting customers with ADA requirements as needed.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be able to proficiently read, write, and speak English.
  • Strong verbal, organizational, and, interpersonal skills.
  • Professional, courteous, and polite manner.
  • Ability to maintain accuracy and timeliness in spite of frequent interruptions.
  • Ability to recognize and set priorities.
  • Proficient in addition, subtraction, and general principles of mathematics.
  • Must have the ability to think and act well under pressure or stress.
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screen and comply with Federal DOT standard.
  • SMS provides employees with First Aid and CPR certification class. Employee must keep current on certification.
  • Must obtain a Seattle Monorail Driver Certification (SMS provides training and testing for Monorail Driver Certification).
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record with no violations in the last three (3) years for: a suspended license for moving violations, reckless or negligent driving, DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs), hit-and-run incidents, vehicular homicide or vehicular assault, or more than one “at fault” accidents. Driving abstract will be request. Driving record can be purchased online.
  • Must comply with City of Seattle and federal non-discrimination policies (Title VI) in regard to race, color, creed, sex, age, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and other protected groups.


Starting rate is $17.00 per hour for all training and shifts related to driving the monorail and $15.00 per hour for all training and shifts related to cashiering.  Monorail driving shifts are provided to certified employees based on experience and availability. SMS provides and requires 60 hours of training before an applicant can test to become a certified Monorail driver.

Seattle Monorail Services is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace. All employees must pass a pre-employment drug screening and are subject to random drug screenings during employment. All applicants are subject to a reference and background check.


We are a team that takes care of each other. We help both full- and part-time employees pay for college after being with us for just 90 days, through textbook reimbursement and tuition assistance. Every employee earns paid time off and is eligible to participate in our retirement plan. After 60 days of employment, company health insurance is available to all employees working more than 25 hours per week.


The historic Seattle Monorail connects the Downtown retail core (above the Sound Transit’s Westlake Station) to Seattle Center. The two trains carry over 2 million passengers annually and are especially loved by kids and families. Best of all, the Monorail is a fun place to work.

Seattle Monorail Services is a local, family-owned company that has been operating the Monorail for the City of Seattle since 1994. We are a great and diverse team. We take pride in each other’s achievements and our collective stewardship of this Northwest icon.

To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]