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On Safari at Woodland Park Zoo

April 21, 2016

Woodland Park Zoo is open 9:30 to 4pm October through April and 9:30 to 6pm May through September.

Woodland Park Zoo is a great outing for any day. The first sight to see is the awesome penguin exhibit, where you can view penguins swimming in the water and preening on land. For a small fee, you can even feed the penguins! It’s adorable. Other bird highlights include the bird feeding, where you can walk with hundreds of parakeets and other birds, and the many aviaries where tropical birds can be viewed. We are also particularly partial to the flamingos!

We also love all of the big cats at the zoo. From Lions to Jaguars to Tigers to Snow Leopards, seeing these kitties lounge around or play in their big exhibits is always a favorite. Smaller animals, like the river otters, asian small-clawed otters, and meerkats are adorable as well. Interacting with Gorillas or Orangutans through the glass is always magical and memorable.

Basically, we love animals and we love the zoo. We can also feel good about going because of the great conservation work the zoo does. Not only is the zoo eco-friendly and committed to educating the public about conservation, they also do active work in the field to protect endangered species. Working with the Snow Leopard Trust, the zoo works to gather data on snow leopard behavior and movements and protect snow leopards in their natural environment. This is quite a feat, because the cold, harsh climates of the mountains in central Asia are not easy to navigate, and snow leopards are very elusive. The Snow Leopard Trust also works with local people who historically have killed snow leopards to protect their livestock–the zoo helps to create a market for products made in these villages worldwide, so the villagers don’t have to kill leopards to protect their livestock and their livelihood. In this way, the zoo helps the economy of these villages and prevent leopard deaths. The zoo also works to protect orangutans, tree kangaroos, elephants, and tigers! And just to remind ourselves and other consumers: using products with palm oil causes habitat destruction, which endangers many species including tigers and orangutans. Here’s a guide on how to be a responsible consumer when it comes to palm oil.

Woodland Park Zoo

We highly recommend visiting the zoo-it is a great way to get excited about the natural world and conservation, and it’s a great place to have one-of-a-kind, personal experiences with the animals.