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Whale Watching with San Juan Safaris!

September 7, 2016

San Juan Safaris Whale Watching tours depart daily from Friday Harbor through October, and on Saturdays in November. Reserve your Kayaking or Whale Watching experience here. Tours can easily be incorporated into a day trip, or visitors can spend a weekend in the beautiful San Juan Islands! There is plenty to do to fill the time.

San Juan

On our excursion, we took the ferry to San Juan Island before meeting the San Juan Safaris staff in Friday Harbor. After gearing up in thick, warm clothes, which may seem like overkill when you’re on shore, but are thoroughly appreciated out on the water, we went to board the boat. Buzzing off across the water on this beautiful day, we first visited a humpback whale. It was amazing to see the whale surface and hear the naturalist explain the whale behavior!


Then the captain heard of transient orcas spotted in the Strait of Georgia over the radio. After viewing the humpback for a few more minutes, we sped off in our boat into Canadian waters to see the pod! With the pod of five orcas splashing around, playing, and surfacing often, it was an unbelievable experience.

sanjuan_aug2016-29 image

Upon our return, we were so excited about our great experience. San Juan Safaris offers high-quality, small-group whale watching and wildlife tours, and operate two high-speed vessels, giving them increased range for what can be viewed in a single outing. These qualities made our trip the perfect experience–with a slower boat, we may not have been able to make it out to Canada to see the whales! We highly recommend visiting the beautiful San Juans and going whale watching!

Below we have some pictures of the views from San Juan Island-beautiful-and kayaking whale watching tours. Those sound amazing as well!

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