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The Burke Museum Presents: Imagine That

May 1, 2014

Imagine ThatWith the multitudes of items on display at the Burke Museum, it’s hard to believe that these are but a small fraction of the over 15 million items the Burke keeps in their archives. It is this astounding archive that serves as the backbone of their new exhibit Imagine That: Surprising Stories and Amazing Objects from the Burke Museum. The exhibit features over 2,000 items that have been hand-selected to amaze, intrigue and make you realize the value of having such a vast collection of objects. See one of Seattle’s first coffee mugs – carved from a walrus skull! Get a first-hand look at the newly-unearthed South Lake Union mammoth tusk! Take a peek into the Burke Museum’s Genetic Resources collection, consisting of nearly 60,000 tissue samples. A museum can collect some amazing things in 129 years, wouldn’t you like to take a look? Imagine That runs through October 26, 2014.

Visitor tip: Be sure to check out the Burke’s ongoing exhibitions while you’re there! These fascinating exhibits delve into both the natural and cultural history of Washington State, truly fascinating!

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