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A Vacation to the Deep-Exploring the Underwater World at Seattle Aquarium!

April 7, 2016

The Seattle Aquarium is open daily from 9:30am to 5:00pm.

Seattle Aquarium is a great visit for any day. From seeing tropical creatures from around the world to being able to touch the critters who live in our very own Pacific Northwest tide pools, it’s not something to miss.

Seattle Aquarium

One of the first exhibits you experience after entering the aquarium is the Life on the Edge. Here, you can see (and touch!) many of the intertidal organisms which live in Pacific Northwest tide pools, including seastars, anemones, sand dollars, sea urchins, and snails! The helpful aquarium volunteers are always around to answer questions and provide fun facts as well. Don’t miss the ring of jellyfish as well–you can walk through a circular tank where moon jellies orbit and see them lit up in many beautiful colors! Next see the giant pacific octopus (there’s a livecam here if you missed it) and see it eat if you stop by at noon or 4pm!seattleaquarium-44seattleaquarium-68

There are also many beautiful tropical species you can see at the aquarium–the colors are vibrant and beautiful, and the species are very diverse! We love seeing the adorable cuttlefish, an animal in the same family as octopi and squid. seattleaquarium-12

seattleaquarium-18Next you can visit the marine mammals. (Marine Mammal Mania runs on weekends in April–be sure to check it out!) The harbor seals, sea otters, and river otters are all adorable. Seeing the river otters float around on their backs or trying to break clams open (feedings are at 11:30am and 2pm) is almost unbearably adorable. If you need more marine mammals in your life you can check out the webcams for the sea otters and the harbor seals!


One of our favorite exhibits in the aquarium is the underwater dome. You can feel what it would really be like to live underwater in this dome, with salmon, rays, sharks, halibut, and many more circling around as you observe. At 1:30pm, you can see a diver enter the dome and feed the fish–it’s always a treat, and seems like a dream job to us!


When you visit Seattle Aquarium you are also giving back–the aquarium is committed to conservation and sustainability. From fighting ocean acidification and seastar wasting disease to educating the public sustainable seafood, the aquarium does amazing work to help our underwater friends and protect humanity’s future.

We highly recommend visiting Seattle Aquarium! You’ll leave excited after seeing some of the coolest life the ocean has to offer.

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