Seattle Monorail

Ride the Monorail to Seattle Center!

January 30, 2011

The Seattle Center Monorail is a fast, direct, fun way to travel between downtown Seattle and Seattle Center.  The two locations the monorail travels between are downtown’s Westlake Center located on 5th and Pine and Seattle Center, home of the Space Needle, Experience Music Project, Pacific Science Center, and much more!

Westlake Center is one of the city’s main travel hubs – it connects the link light rail from Sea-Tac Airport to downtown http://www.soundtransit.org/x11204.xml, the monorail to Seattle Center http://www.seattlemonorail.com/information.php, the Seattle Street Car to South Lake Union http://www.seattlestreetcar.org/, and is a major terminal for the Metro bus system http://metro.kingcounty.gov/tops/bus/bus.html.

For guests staying in hotels near Seattle Center, the monorail is an ideal way to travel from downtown to your hotel.  If you are flying into Seattle, we suggest taking the Sound Transit Link Light Rail from Sea-Tac International Airport to Westlake Center.  Once you exit the light rail at Westlake, follow the signs in the tunnel to the monorail platform (3rd floor of Westlake Center) – there is a staircase and elevator that will take you directly to the monorail platform from the Downtown Seattle Tunnel.

Once you’re there, you can purchase a roundtrip or one-way ticket to ride the monorail to Seattle Center.  Ticket rate information  is available on our website: http://www.seattlemonorail.com/rates.php

We also offer discounted group rates for school groups and groups who would like to purchase tickets in bulk ahead of time.

To fill out information about a school group interested in riding the monorail, visit: http://www.seattlemonorail.com/schoolgroups.php

If you are interested in purchasing prepaid tickets in bulk for a large group, you can visit: http://www.seattlemonorail.com/corporategroups.php

For locals, the monorail currently opens every morning at 8:30am – it can be a great way to travel between Lower Queen Anne and downtown for meetings or work.  We sell monthly passes to ride the monorail $40 for adults, $20 for seniors (65+).  For additional information, please visit our website http://www.seattlemonorail.com or call our administrative office at 206-905-2600.