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See Masterpieces in the Making at the Museum of Glass

March 24, 2016

The Museum of Glass is located on Dock Street in downtown Tacoma, and is open Wednesday through Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm. The museum is closed Monday and Tuesday. Added perk—on the third Thursday of each month, the museum is open late until 8pm, with free admission starting at 5pm!

One of the most fun parts of the Museum of Glass is the Hotshop! Here, you can watch artists live as they blow glass into amazing works of art. Below, you can see some of the steps of making a vase. Glassblowing is definitely a team effort! The projects must be continually rotated to prevent warping from gravity, and transferring the projects between workspaces takes a lot of hands. If you’re hooked on the show, you can watch the live stream of the hotshop here!

Continuing to the main exhibits of the museum, you can see many types of glass art. From huge fruit models to real flowers suspended in glass, there’s a lot of beauty to take in. Make sure to check out the back of the museum as well—you can see creatures which were designed by local kids (the crab below is an example of one kid’s idea).



The outdoor exhibits are beautiful as well. From the glass sculptures in the reflecting pond in front of the museum to the bridge of glass to downtown Tacoma, there’s plenty to take in!



The Museum of Glass is open Wednesday-Sunday. We would highly recommend checking it out!

Museum of Glass