Seattle Monorail

The Color Run 5k Seattle 2013

April 29, 2013

The Seattle Center Monorail will open early at 7:30am on May 12, 2013 for The Color Run 5k which takes place at Seattle Center!  The race sold out in record time!

If you plan on using the Monorail to get to the start line, please remember that the Monorail is cash only – we do not accept credit, debit, or ORCA cards.  A one-way ticket is $2.25.  A roundtrip ticket is $4.50.  The Monorail will depart approximately every 10 minutes.  The Monorail travels directly from the third floor of Westlake Center Mall (400 Pine Street, Seattle) and Seattle Center (next to the Space Needle).

To access the Westlake Center Monorail Platform, please use the stairwell/elevator entrance on 5th Avenue between Pine Street and Olive Way (across the street from Nordstrom) as the Westlake Mall entrances will be closed during the early morning.  Go to the third floor of the building where the Monorail platform is located and purchase a ticket from the cashier inside the ticket booth.

Westlake Platform Monorail Entrance