Seattle Monorail


Monthly Passes


We are excited to announce that we have multiple ways to obtain a monthly pass for the Seattle Center Monorail. We have partnered with Hopthru for a three-month trial. Hopthru is a mobile application that lets passengers easily purchase and redeem an adult monthly pass through their mobile device. Right now, this application is only available for adult monthly passes. To begin:

  1. Download “Hopthru” in the mobile app store (available at the App Store or Google Play) on your smartphone
  2. Register a valid method of payment
  3. Purchase your adult monthly monorail pass and begin using it

The adult monthly pass through Hopthru is visually authenticated – this means you need to show the Monorail cashier your monthly pass on your mobile device prior to boarding. If you have a customer service need, please visit Hopthru’s support page.

If you don’t want to use Hopthru, you can still purchase and redeem a monthly pass with these two options:

  1. You can purchase a monthly pass directly from the Monorail cashier at either Monorail Station – cash only.
  2. You can purchase a monthly pass online (below) and we will mail you your monthly pass.

Passes will be mailed to your specified address; it typically takes 3-4 days by mail.

If you’d prefer to have your pass available for pick up from the cashier booth, please indicate your desired pick up date, time and location (Westlake Center Station or Seattle Center Station) in the “Notes” field at the bottom of the page when you’re checking out. We will email you to confirm that the pass will be ready for pick-up. Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice.

In order to purchase and receive a reduced rate monthly pass, you must send us a photo of your identification that proves you qualify for the reduced rate – we will reach out to you once we receive your order to request the photo.






Adult Monthly Pass $50 Reduced Monthly Pass $25